Valerie Hayes, priest and hypocrite

Calvary Episcopal Church Front Royal

Calvary Episcopal Church in Front Royal talks a good game. In fact, listen to rector Valerie Hayes, and you would quickly conclude that Calvary is a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ+ persons and others who may not have a full seat at the table, particularly in Front Royal.

But scratch the surface and you’ll find something very different.

I recently emailed many of the clergy and diocesan leaders about my experience with non-sexual abuse in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Specifically, perjuring priest Bob Malm falsely claimed I had threatened him; tried to drag my mother, then dying of COPD into court based on his lies; forced me and my same-sex husband out of the church; and more. I also discussed my resulting PTSD and depression.

Valerie’s response?  Let’s just say it was neither Christian, nor kind, nor safe, nor trauma-informed.

Valerie Hayes

And when I sent a spirited comeback, telling her the truth, which is that she is a fraud and hypocrite, she pretended to be me by using my email address and filed an abuse complaint with my email provider. Here it is:

Rev. Valerie Hayes

Don’t you love how priests use their first names, right up until they try to exploit the power differential, when they suddenly become “The Rev.”

For the record, getting an email about abuse is not harassment. Nor is getting an email calling someone out for being a hypocrite. And Valerie’s email is public.

And Valerie indicates that she is:

1. Part of the diocesan gossip chain, by saying “I am not the first. This has been going on for years.”

2. Already aware of the situation, but doesn’t want to get involved.

3. Worried about herself first, and not at all about abusive conduct in the church.

All of those are at variance with the baptismal covenant, Valerie’s role as a priest, and her claims that Calvary is a safe place. Clearly, it is not.

So to anyone who thinks that abuse is wrong, or who thinks that abuse victims should be treated with care and respect, or that it’s wrong to lie about being harassed, Calvary Episcopal Front Royal and Valerie Hayes are dogs that won’t hunt.

And spare me the bit about, “Well, I consider it harassment.” That’s the whole Trumpista words-mean-whatever-I-want-them-to-mean routine. Perjuring priest Bob Malm tried that trick. Now Valerie Hayes is trying that trick.

Small wonder with hypocritical jackasses like Valerie Hayes the Episcopal Church is dying. If this is their idea of Christianity — where abuse is okay, including trying to drag a dying woman into court based on a priest’s perjury — no thanks. They can keep it.